GEL-TRON has implemented just-in-time and consignment inventories for several major manufacturers and sub contractors both in the U.S. and Scotland. Since 1996 we have maintained a duty free warehouse at our Irvine, Scotland location. Our customers are afforded the opportunity of saving the cost of Duty and VAT at entry into the United Kingdom. The tax is paid by GEL-TRON customers at point of sale. For European Customers VAT is not added to our GEL-TRON invoices.

Industrial products, Automotive, and Computer Parts

GEL-TRON provides services to automotive and industrial products by sourcing products in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

GEL-TRON quickly ships parts directly to manufacture and repair sites in the U.K. and Europe through our Scottish facility

Export License - Registered with the US Department of Defense

TLC GEL-TRON International Corporation
1357 Suffield Street ∑ P.O. Box 216
Agawam, MA 01001-0216
In the U.S.:
     Telephone: 413-789-1780
     Fax:: 413-789-3140
In the U.K.:
     Telephone: 44 (0) 1294276330

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