Aircraft Parts:1155-12

1155-12 Flipper Door Slide

Part Number: 1155-12

Aircraft Parts:1155-18 BLACK

Flipper door..

Part Number: 1155-18 BLACK

Aircraft Parts:1155-20 BLACK

Flipper Door..

Part Number: 1155-20 BLACK

Aircraft Parts:1155-22 Black

(Flipper Door)..

Part Number: 1155-22 Black

Aircraft Parts:120837

Pressure Switch..COND: FN WITH 8130-3 ..DATE CODE: ..WARRANTY: ONE YEAR ..

Part Number: 120837

Aircraft Parts:120837 SVC

Pressure Switch..COND: SVC WITH DUAL TAG 145 AND 8130 .WARRANTY: 6 MONTHS..

Part Number: 120837 SVC

Aircraft Parts:1211313-010

ACTUATOR ..Factory New with Certs-Trace to OEM..Warranty Period 36 months

Part Number: 1211313-010

Aircraft Parts:1211313-010 AR

Actuator -- As Removed from Airline -- Trace paperwork

Part Number: 1211313-010 AR

Aircraft Parts:1211313-010 OH

Actuator ..COND: Overhauled..Dual Tag One Year from Date Tag..Serial No.

Part Number: 1211313-010 OH

Aircraft Parts:1211313-010 SVC

Actuator..Cond: SVC with 8130 tag...Warranty 6 months..Serial No.

Part Number: 1211313-010 SVC

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