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Conflict Minerals Statement

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a responsible corporate partner and neighbor, TLC GEL-TRON INTíL CORP is committed to preventing the sourcing of certain minerals, referred to as ďConflict MineralsĒ mined in the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, from being incorporated into the products we supply.

TLC GEL-TRON INTíL. CORP does not purchase raw ore or virgin metals. All materials purchased by TLC GEL-TRON INTíL CORP are either finished products or processed materials that have been processed, in most cases, through multiple tiers of the global supply chain.

Although TLC GEL-TRON INTíL CORP is not directly subject to the SEC Conflict Minerals disclosure requirement in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, TLC GEL-TRON INTíL CORP will continue to use all reasonable efforts to work with our suppliers to ensure that materials used in our products are free of Conflict Minerals. If we become aware of any such materials used in one of our products we will work with the effected supplier and customer to respond appropriately.

January 2015
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